“Aspiring to be leaders, we at GazMin are perusing with quality standards and trade ethics in the international trade”

  • Exploration work at gold mines in Sudan
  • Ground preparation and surface mining of Iron Ore and Ferro Silicon at Yemen
  • Geological studies on the coal and iron ore mining locations in Somalia Island
  • Geological studies and partial mining of gold and diamond in Sierra Leone
  • Geological studies and partial mining of gold & diamond in Senegal
  • Geological studies and ground preparation for Bauxite in Senegal
  • Geological studies and ground preparation for Rock Phosphate mine in Togo
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“Aspiring to be leaders, we at GazMin are persuing with quality standards and trade ethics in the international trade”.

GazMin has been established with a preamble to trade in commodities related to Oil & Gas and Metal & Minerals and participate in large infrastructure projects essential for any country's economic stability and progress. The abundant resources which our mother earth has provided has been a challenging opportunity to mankind to benefit out of it and yet sustain it. We are committed to the purpose of sustainable business.

The company was perceived to be a global player in trading and investments. Solid financial track record and reputation of the founders / directors for operational excellence has provided an impetus platform for planning and growth in such a short span of time. We have aspired to be truly a global company hence moving on with expansions of association and operations into Asia, Middle East, North Africa and South American countries.

GazMin has acquired stakes in mining operations, investing into upstream, midstream & downstream projects and further consolidating its position to be a long term partner and investor into several infrastructural projects around the region.

GazMin is built on the strong platform of experienced and dedicated associates and affiliates worldwide who are committed to the growth and interest of the company. The integrated and committed approach of our team in trading, project portfolio, supply chain management and financial capabilities strengthen our efforts and aspirations to move from niche to global.



“At GazMin we believe in strategic growth with partnership culture.”

Bringing together the right people would accelerate the growth of an individual and the corporate.

GazMin is established by four businessmen who have rich experience in their respective areas of businesses in Arabian Gulf, North Africa, Middle East and Asian countries. Integral values built on team spirit and collective participation of company Directors and affiliates help us to take challenging situations and diversify into new commodities, markets and segments globally.

Our Group companies, affiliates and advisors are involved as a team working together to steer the company to reach a leading position in global commodity trade. As a growth strategy we focus on creating innovative solutions catering to our client’s requirement of broad range of commodities and delivery schedules and by additionally facilitate with flexible payment structure meeting their targets. GazMin strongly believes that building strategic collaborations is indeed one of the keys to maximizing benefits from the oil and gas resources of our continent for the benefit of entrepreneurs and leaders. Our business strategy is to build an integrated investment portfolio into energy sector with a coherent vision into innovation, synergistic acquisition, expertise operation, sustainable and profitable business with all the team members.



GazMin has marketing and trading partnership with number of large companies around the globe who have contracts with major refineries, stock listed corporations and conglomerates. We focus to supply products like crude oil, diesel, LPG, LNG, Jet A1, fuel oil, bitumen, petrochemicals, coal, Iron Ore, Bauxite, Rock Phosphate and Sulphur.

GazMin, head quartered at Dubai, has group of companies, sister companies and affiliate companies spread across in countries such as India, China, Korea, Malaysia, UK, USA, Guatemala, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Togo, Ghana, Senegal and Nigeria.

Aspiring to be a global conglomerate, we endeavor establishing our own branch company operations and investment portfolio soon in strategic places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Geneva and New York.

Our team has extensive experience in the global commodity business, built on enduring inter personal relationship with our clients. As we fully acknowledge that reputation of our company is building blocks for dynamic growth; we go far and further with extended care to fulfilling obligations accepted by us. The integral approach by the company with backward integration and forward consolidation consolidates our position in the international trade arena and then peruse further in investments in the areas of oil & gas exploration, upstream and downstream projects, mining exploration and infrastructure projects.



GazMin Corporate Values

Corporate Values

Core values are an important component in business and life. Corporate values help companies in decision making process. These values are guiding principles that dictate behavior and action.

Team work: Formed as a partnership company, GazMin values the interpersonal relationship of the partners, affiliates, employees and clients . We believe building up the relationship towards profitable venture through our hard work.

Strategic Planning: Putting together the experience of our team with common goal leads us best possible means of accomplishing the company objectives.

Integrity: Sincerity of the team members uplift the moral principle of the company with long term vision.

Respect: We treat our team members, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity,
recognizing the importance of diversity. We respect all individuals and value their contribution to the company.

Our Vision & Mission

Mission and Vision

GazMin is emerging as a major integrated commodities company, committed to the growth in the activities of exploration, investment, transformation, infrastructure development and marketing of oil & gas and mineral products with global standards.

Our mission is to deliver outstanding operating and financial results by aggressively building and managing balanced portfolio of oil and gas assets wih an assortment of growth opportunities covering a range of risks and rewards. People involved with GazMin have a passion for challenges, constant improvement, extended human values with social responsibilities and contribution towards sustainable environment and natural resources.

Aspiring to be leaders, we at GazMin are persuing with quality standards and trade ethics in the international trade.