“Aspiring to be leaders, we at GazMin are perusing with quality standards and trade ethics in the international trade”

Who we are

Aspiring to create a unique position in the commodity trade, we team up the talents and resources under the GazMin umbrella and pursue trading in products and projects in oil & gas and metal & minerals. We strengthen our scope of activities by increasing our investments in trading and project financing.

We take possession of the cargos before we commit to our clients. Integral partnership with principal suppliers, bankers, technology and service providers strengthen our aspirations and resources to structure the deals and perform to the highest standards.

GazMin  focuses on expanding its resources through exhaustive participation in oil, gas and mineral exploration projects. The experienced team of management and affiliates endeavour in expanding the business of new products and acquisitions with sustainable growth. Our company is formed with solid financial resources and intelligence of experienced personnel which translates our strength into quick and successful ventures.

Our board of Directors,  having served in large corporate and conglomerates in the region, bring in with them the management expertise and corporate culture which enables GazMin to function with global standards under their dynamic and strategic corporate approach.  We value relationship between our partners, employees and affiiates around the world and we believe in achieving together.

Who we are