“Aspiring to be leaders, we at GazMin are perusing with quality standards and trade ethics in the international trade”


Trading is in the soul of GazMin’s operations. Our company was built upon the successful trading of oil and crude products, which enabled us to invest in talent and expertise in new areas to steadily diversify into a fully integrated company.

Today, GazMin is having relationship with the largest traders of crude and oil products in the world, along with a major player in a broad range of commodities including coal, gas, LNG, and petroleum products.

GazMin supports its trading activities through investments, both direct and indirect, in strategically located assets-including coal mining operations and oil producing assets-that produce further trading efficiencies.

Aspiring to be a reliable and strategic supplier of oil & gas products, we work with renowned refineries and international trading companies to take possession of the cargo while we commit to our client. The trade ethics and values inculcated into our system has confined trust in our clients to sign with us long term purchase contracts.

Quality products and timely deliveries are our forte.