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Environment Sustainability


Health, safety and environment are one of the priority areas for GazMin. This is due to the fact that the Group and its management are aware of their responsibility towards society, as taking care of the environment is a necessary prerequisite for the health and happiness of future generations.


All the projects considered by our company will have an inevitable impact on the environment, including the atmosphere, water and land. The Group takes a proactive approach for environmental protection, realizing that efficient use of natural resources is an essential part of corporate social responsibility and a necessary condition for sustainable development.

We are committed to ensure that our operations are safe. We believe that ensuring safety should guarantee protection of people and the environment. There are activities based on analyzing and assessing risks and are aimed at preventing industrial injuries and improving working conditions, as well as ensuring full compliance with HSE rules and regulations.

This area also includes efficient use of natural resources and minimizing the negative environmental impact of the Group’s operations in its operating regions and at the fields under development.

Therefore, GazMin is committed to conduct its operations in compliance with environmental legislation and to reduce the environmental impact of all its operations, production processes and products by adopting state-of-the-art technologies and methods of pollution prevention by introducing resource-saving and energy efficient technologies and using alternative energy sources.