Our Team

We believe our team is our greatest asset, so we bring together the brightest and most talented individuals in our team to deliver excellent service to our clients. Our team comprises of individuals who specialize and are experienced Finance Advisors, Risk & Insurance Advisors, EPC Consultants, Legal Advisors, Market Analysts, Business Development Advisors. Our team works with industry experts around the world and thus brings global perspectives to meet regional challenges.

We attract the most talented people and inspire them to reach their highest potential through a deep commitment to career development. When partnering with GazMin you can expect significant engagement with veteran dealmakers, first-class transaction execution and the highest standard of confidentiality and discretion. Our team comprises of experienced and innovative professionals who create value through extensive knowledge of local and international markets and access to key decision-makers and specializing in start-to-finish project management solutions. Our knowledgeable and veteran team offers solutions from initial concept and site selection phases, through to operational handover, with continued client support.

“We measure our performance not by temporary results but by the long-term success of our clients”


Ashok Sagar is the Founder of GazMin International with a vision to become a global Oil & Energy Project conglomerate that catalyzes growth by expanding to build required projects to develop the country’s progress and expanding its company portfolio and supporting its customers. His passion for international trade has induced him in the formation of the GazMin Group to deliver services that are out of reach. Clients across sectors benefit from his vast experience, depth of knowledge, analytical approach, and his ability to provide meticulous, practical solutions.

With his extensive background and experience, he has been a significant influencer in matters related to Finance, Strategic Planning, and International Business Relations and developing a better growth of the organization. With over 25 years of experience in critical areas of business existing in Corporate Management, Project Management, Finance Development, Business Development, he possesses an in-depth experience in various parts of the World. He has a proven background with regards to improvising businesses and unit corporations towards a common goal of profitability and leadership.

His association with business leaders, reputed companies, and highly experienced professionals around the globe has provided a strong backup to formulate the business plan for GazMin Group to venture into our respective stream of activities. His integrity and motivation with affiliates and customers around the World forge the company ahead and has an extremely strong support network that encourages dynamic partnerships with major companies and Governments in various countries. Behind his great success lies his venturesome and entrepreneurial spirit, and therefore his greatest asset remains to be his vast experience.

A social, friendly, and insightful person, Mr. Ashok Sagar, along with his team, always travels extensively to discover the best sources of services for various projects. His concern for caring parties’ interest keeps him awake, searching every alternative that may go in favor of his valued counterparts.

Director of Business Development

Mohit Sagar has done his BA Hons in International Business from Middlesex University- Dubai. He has many talents and is exceptionally ambitious, credible, and has a strong work ethics among the many qualities that he possesses. His role as the Director and Head of International Marketing at GazMin International has evolved tremendously.

He heads the Project & Marketing division of the Company, which includes the Oil & Gas Projects, Energy Projects, and Construction Projects. He has been intrinsically involved in setting up the Turnkey Project solutions for many projects and has been an integral part in accomplishing the executive management’s long-term strategic view on projects across the African and Asian Sub-Continent and beyond.

He continually strives to deliver beyond expectations. His professional expertise lies in Marketing and Business Development. Mohit, being the youngest leader, continues to create a legacy that speaks volumes of growth, with a vision to lead the company to the next level

Message: “Excellence endures and sustain. It goes beyond motivation into realm of inspiration”

Managing Director

Marai Al Ahmari is a renowned Businessman from Saudi Arabia and has been a key contributor to the Construction sector with prestigious and landmark projects and has contributed significantly to the development in the Gulf Region.

Marei has duly earned domestic and regional recognition by continually expanding the sphere of his business activities. He has interests in fields as diversified as general trading; real estate, including building, trading, asset management, urban planning consulting, civil engineering, and major development projects; finance, hospitality, industry production, including foodstuffs and building materials. He is a significant investor and shareholder in various companies around the Gulf and plays a key role in targeting opportunities for equity investment, mergers, acquisitions as well as potential businesses.

Among his most notable achievements in this regard, was overcoming the limitations of both investment opportunities and financial resources and succeeding through hard work and abidance by ethics and religious principles in becoming a sturdy businessman. Mr. Marei’s credibility stems from a sincere and strong belief in transparency and disclosure, accountability, justice, fairness, and social responsibility.

Honorary Board Member

Mr. Duaij Khalifa T. Al Jiri is a Kuwaiti National from a reputed family and a renowned business personality. He is the Chairman of a group of companies and graduated from the United States of America and has majored in Engineering. Further has qualified in diploma in Lusans Business of Laws from Beirut University and a Special diploma of Law from Egypt.

Mr. Duaij had been the Member of Kuwait Parliament in the year of 1985 and was the Member of the Board of Finance and Economic Committee, Govt. of Kuwait. He was also the Member of Foreign Affairs during the year 1985/86 and is a member of the Kuwait Society of Engineers and Lawyers.

He has several companies and has a vast list of properties in Kuwait and other parts of the World and is actively engaged in various sectors such as Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Finance and Real Estate.

Message: We, at GazMin, are happy to welcome exceptional professionals who wish to be a part of our firm and its diverse practice areas. Our culture creates a platform for the development of professional expertise in an environment that cherishes excellence and teamwork.

Business Executive & Project Consultant – West African Countries

Mr. George Osahon has over 36 years’ experience in the oil & gas industry. He is an accomplished geologist with several publications to his credit.

George was the Group General Manager (GGM) in charge of the Nigerian Content Division (NCD) in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). George graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria, with a Bachelor of Geology in 1974 and holds a master’s degree in Petroleum Geology from Imperial College, London. He joined the Nigerian National Oil Corporation (NNOC) in 1976 and NNPC in 1977 from where he rose to the position of Deputy Manager, Geology, at the National Petroleum Development Company (NPDC); the upstream operating arm of NNPC. In 1992, he left NNPC to explore opportunities in the private sector. Ten years later, he became a private consultant undertaking asset valuation and acreage assessment for independent operators until his return to NNPC in 2005. He served as the Managing Director of NPDC for six months before taking over as the Group General Manager of the National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS). In less than two years, he moved to the position of GGM Nigerian Content which he held before exiting the Corporation in 2009. George is a fellow of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorations (NAPE) and the immediate past President of the Association.

George Osahon was the Director of the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR). Prior to that, he was the Managing Director of Geo-Concept Technical Limited, a Consultancy outfit devoted to assisting small-sized operators and asset holders in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry. As the Director of DPR, George is “Chief Policeman” of the oil and gas industry, responsible for ensuring that operators and stakeholders carry out their businesses in accordance with the law while putting in place such programs and projects that will enhance operational performance in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Business Executive & EPC Advisor – European Region

Volker U. Friedrich The academic credentials of Volker are in the field of international economics. He received his MSc in Economics in 1991 and worked as Assistant Professor in International Economics at the University of Duisburg from 1991-1993. As of 2015 Volker is teaching INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ETHICS and INTERNATIONAL ECONMICS as assistant professor at the University of Berlin/Germany.

Volker U. Friedrich has more than 25 years of experience in international industry and trade. He is the founder of GBP International. Presently having a well-established management and business consulting firm with activities in and clients from Europe and across Asia Pacific. A wide partner network in the metropolitan cities of Asia is one of the key strengths of the GBP Network.

GBP mainly serves European clients which require support in their business operations in Asia and coaches’ Asian companies on their way to Europe.

As Managing Director of GBP International, Volker has served companies from across many industries in various activities mainly market entry and strategy, M&A, business planning and setting up local entities, relocation of production etc.The key industry sectors have been Machinery & Engineering, Civil Construction, Project Development Companies, Steel Industry, Oil & Gas Industry, Petrochemical Industry, ICT Industry, Telecom Industry, and Consulting Businesses.

Volker has worked for 10 years for the German industrial group Klöckner & Co (between 1983 and 1996) in the industrial contracting business (today RWE and MAN Group respectively). Already in 1987 Volker spend a full year in Mumbai as part of his traineeship and was involved in building the Nhava Sheva Harbor in Mumbai.

Business Executive & Project Consultant – African Region

Dr. Oscar Kashala is President of the Union for the Rebuilding of Congo. He is graduated from Kinshasa University Medical School in 1980 and trained in internal medicine and pathology at the University of Kinshasa, then at the University of Lausanne and University of Geneva Medical Schools.

In 1986, the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa awarded him a fellowship for medical oncology in Boston. There, he obtained a fellowship in cancer biology at Harvard University, followed by admission into a doctoral program in cancer biology and immunology in a combined degree program at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Kashala received a Doctor of Science degree from Harvard in 1992. He is an internationally recognized cancer specialist who has worked in the pharmaceutical industry, where he currently holds a senior position. He is also a faculty member at several universities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the U.S. The recipient of many international and national awards. He has served in an advisory capacity to several international institutions, including the World Health Organization.

Business Executive – West Africa

Director of the West African Region

Mr. Jorge Correia Santos being a knowledgeable and an accomplished executive brings with him an extensive 31 years’ experience on the International forefront for Project Management and Finance. Leading the operations for GazMin International, he undertakes and controls various aspects of project management and expanding business relations and expanding business relations in the West African region.

With a great zeal and passion of in-depth knowledge of International Trade, Business Consultation, Project Management, Industrial Commodities, Human Resource Management and identifying various sources of Funding Projects on the Global front he has successfully contributed towards some great projects.

Mr. Jorge has a widespread range of international exposure and his profound professional connections has made him serve on several influential bodies globally, including Business Council of the Center, Coimbra for heading several publications, namely AJAL Oeste Agrícola newspaper, Agro-Negócios yearbook, Agro-Challenges Magazine and the Export Guide for Portuguese Agriculture of CAL.

Prior to GazMin International, Mr. Jorge also played a critical and vital role in many initiatives in esteemed and reputed organizations and industries such as Agro-Industrial NUTASA SGPS, Lusophone Agricultural Chamber CAL and WM MINÉRIOS LDA Brazil.

Mr. Jorge holds a Masters’ degree in International Trade and Agro-Food Marketing and is a distinguished alumnus of the Lusofona University, Lisbon.

Regional Director – Africa 

Mr. Ahmed Sibda was the former Vice President of the World Trade Centre heading up Sub Sahara African Regions. His key function was to address the globalisation issues facing by African countries and linked them with a inter and transcontinental trading platform by using a trusted international brand. A special business case study was undertaken by him for this purpose and a system was developed by Mr. Ahmed Sibda which linked up all the World Trade Centre’s globally. It proved to be highly successful. Beyond trade, there was a dire need to address for the more serious issues in Africa in the private and public sector. He had identified those opportunities and embarked on them in an international roadshow.

In 2012 Mr. Sibda established a consulting company which engages with more than 21 governments in Africa. He consulted multi-national companies also for seeking opportunities on the African Continent and Southern African Indian Ocean Islands in Energy, Housing, Infrastructure, Health, Education, Oil and Gas, Mining, Agriculture and commodity trading of mineral commodities.

His understanding of African business culture is his strongest asset taking into account the numerous language barriers and discrete style of business on the continent. He has successfully concluded major mergers and acquisitions in the private and public sectors and facilitated the Foreign Direct Investments across various sectors of industry in Africa.

Mr. Sibda is extremely passionate about his social responsibilities. His key vision and missions are to provide sustainable solutions to government of Africa and improve the quality of life and socio-economic conditions of his African citizens.

Dr. Mahdi Rafei

Dr. Mahdy El Refaey has a Doctorate in Business Administration from Colorado, USA, Master’s degree in Marketing from New Jersey, USA, Developing Marketing Strategy from Mark Institute, Egypt, Diploma in Marketing from International British Institute, Bachelor in Languages &Translation from Al-Azhar university Egypt.

He has around 30 years of experience in the Gulf Region, Egypt, USA and African countries and works as an Economic Consultant, Business Developer Manager, Legal Consultant. He has wide-ranging experience and specialization in Marketing Feasibility on Growth Strategy, Marketing and Operational Improvement, Preparing Feasibility (Marketing) Study, Issuing Governmental Loans for Saudi Investors, Issuing International Funds for Investing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Work to achieve Return on Investment, Analysis of Businesses and Determination of their Strengths and Weaknesses,Analyze and Forecast Marketing Activities, Achieve Work Flow, Work Simplification, Work Alignment & Work Quality, Determining the Marketing Budget for Advertisement Activities, Achieve the Main Objectives of Business, Achieve the Maximum Percentage of the Market Share, Setting the Business’ Annual Targets & Monitor the Performance, Develop & Implement the Marketing Plan.

Finance Consultant

Rajesh Ram, MBA, CFA, joined Gazmin Group in 2014. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his role as a financial advisor. His diverse background and training enables him to help clients pursue their long-term financial goals through comprehensive, individualized financial advising.

Since 2008, Mr. Rajesh Ram has been recognized as a top financial advisor and he strongly believes that to provide quality advice about a client’s finances requires a comprehensive approach. He works closely with clients to develop customized financial strategies that incorporate asset allocation and financial management. Advising and managing investments must include considering a client’s tax strategy, risk tolerances or time horizons. With a client-focused, comprehensive plan in place and reviewed regularly, Rajesh strives each day, working one on one with his clients, to help them pursue their goals. He is grateful to all those who entrust him with the personal details of their finances and who allow him to make a career of being their trusted advisor

Business Executive – China & South East Asia

Ms. Fiona Qu has over 17 years of experience in project management and construction in the Middle East and China. She is currently the Chairman of Minch International Engineering Consulting Co. Ltd, which is based in Beijing, China. Fiona graduated from Central South University, China, with a Bachelor of Engineering in 2002 and holds a master’s degree in Quantity Surveying from Heriot Watt University.

Being a qualified engineer, she holds vast experience in managing procurement works and undertaking contracts management and has also served as a procurement engineer in renowned companies of the Middle East. She was the Director of Universal Beijing Theme Park & Resorts Co. Ltd and has led a commercial team for undertaking development of theme park besides managing the contracts and procuring related works.

Ms. Fiona is actively engaged in construction and project management in various sectors such as Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Finance, and Housing, to name a few. She serves as our Regional Business Development Executive of China and aids us in our business in China.

Business Development Manager

Ms Niu Hong has graduated from Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, China, majoring in Economic and International Trade wherein she gained a fair amount of knowledge about international trade. She has also studied Japanese as a major and holds an international certification in Level 2 of Japanese from Tianjin University of Finance and Economics. She is proficient in Chinese and Japanese.

She is currently working with us as a Business Development Manager. She has worked in China in the domestic business field for 6 years where she gained substantial experience in management, negotiations, liasing with lawyers for contract management, brand strategizing, client servicing, leasing contracts, store management. She has also worked in United Arab Emirates for 2 years with a luxury jewellery brand, where she gained profound knowledge and experience in consumerism and building of inter personal relationships with consumers.

Her role includes business development, translation of documents in Chinese, client communications, client servicing, research about new businesses and prospective clients, coordination between teams, making business proposals, arranging meetings with clients and her vast experience over the years in conducting negotiations, people management and sales, has given her great exposure in dealing with people and empowers her to attract clients and expand the business. She is prompt and diligent while performing her duties. She is efficient and always uses a practical approach in her work.

Legal Consultant 

Sahiba Chugh is a qualified LLM,LLB and a result-oriented Corporate Legal Expert and Contract Specialist with over 6 years of experience in administering Corporate Legal Matters encompassing overall contract management including but not limited to vetting, drafting, negotiation, research & analysis as well as rendering strategic legal advisories to the management. An insightful business lawyer and an exceptional communicator with strong business acumen, client empathy and ‘big picture’ perspective factoring innovative dispute resolution in negotiations. She has also been licensed as a lawyer with the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana, India, since 2015 and holds a diploma degree in Corporate and Taxation Law.


She is working as a Legal Advisor and Project Coordinator with our Company. She has outstanding corporate law expertise and manages numerous corporate matters personally, from reviewing agreements to advising investment banking company clients and financial sponsors to provide advisory and financing services related to equity and debt capital markets, private placement transactions, due diligence, corporate restructuring, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

Her diverse international experience as a legal professional with stakeholders/Attorneys from EMEA, APAC & US enables her to outline contracts while safeguarding the client needs, assist client with legal and corporate compliances such as privacy and data protection, negotiations, analyzing risk and formulating the best possible solutions. She demonstrates an “unmistakable professional integrity combined with unparalleled work ethic and unwavering commitment to excellence”.

Marketing & Business Coordinator

Dr. Bushra holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, India. She is a certified Dentist by profession and a business coordinator by passion. She has done extensive research and development primarily in healthcare sectors that objectively measured performance and implementation strategies. She has a proven track record of understanding the forces and variables influencing future implementation strategies through the use of methods that are practical and community based rather than didactic teachings.

Dr. Bushra focuses more on growth oriented strategy and market research in Healthcare, Clean tech & Renewable. She has successfully delivered financial models, developed business plans, prepared performance reviews, growth strategies, market evaluations and market-entry strategies with the capability in providing comprehensive support in high complexity turn-around with a multi-dimensional approach that generates optimal outcomes for all the clients.

She believes in the fundamental principle of nurturing relationships with clients.

Regional Manager – China

Mr Robin Tian graduated from Shandong University of Finance and Economics and has been working with an International Trade company for the past decade. His experience of over 14 years working in more than 30 countries has enabled him to develop strong business relationships across the globe. He is skilled at business negotiation and possesses the ability to integrate social resources. With vast experience in the field of business development, he has maintained good business connections with major Chinese companies and with government agencies in China. He will strengthen GazMin’s business associations especially in China, opening new business prospects for the company.