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We believe our team is our greatest asset, so we bring together the brightest and most talented individuals in our team to deliver excellent service to our clients. Our team comprises of individuals who specialize and are experienced Finance Advisors, Risk & Insurance Advisors, EPC Consultants, Legal Advisors, Market Analysts, Business Development Advisors. Our team works with industry experts around the world and thus brings global perspectives to meet regional challenges.

Ashok K. Sagar


Ashok Sagar, hailing from a distinguished lineage in the gold jewelry business family, was born and raised in Bahrain, beginning their journey there. Mr. Ashok is a founder and executive Chairman of GazMin and Gazmin is a leading project management consultancy that offers comprehensive consultation services on a global scale. GazMin provides Financial Advisory, Financial Advisory Overview, Strategic Advisory Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Capital Markets Advisory, Restructuring Loan and Liability Management, Specialized Advisory, Transactions, and advice to build and finance a range of infrastructure projects, including downstream and midstream oil and gas projects, mining, highways, roads, and bridges, social and economic housing, fossil and renewable power plants, education, healthcare, airports, railways, logistics, industrial parks, and more, and GazMin has earned global recognition for its exemplary work in project management. We are dedicated to providing sustainable solutions that meet, exceed, and satisfy clients ambitions GazMin under its umbrella intends to transform GazMin into a conglomerate with verticals, namely

GazMin Project Development Consultant, GazMin MediPharma, GazMin Motors, GazMin International Oil & Minerals, and other trade and projects that are the current enterprises. Gazmin is a pioneer, one of the most recognized name in the field for being a leading project management consultancy that offers comprehensive consultation services on a global scale an organization that focuses on financial consultancy and project management. They offer comprehensive services for a variety of infrastructure projects for the clients in the Government, semi- government, and private sectors. GazMin is involved in the automotive industry under Gazmin Motors, GazMin Oil & Minerals for O&G upstream and midstream industries and also involved in Exploration in the Mining sector. In these areas, the company carries out the acquisition, exploration, mining, and development of mineral properties, research and development of mine engineering and technology; coupled with information technology consulting services. GazMin MediPharma is engaged in the healthcare industry, specializing in constructing and funding medical facilities such as clinics, hospitals, and medical campuses. We are also involved in the distribution of various medicines, vaccines, hospital equipment, machinery, and pharmaceutical plants. Our extensive experience in the market and collaborations with government entities, state-owned organizations, and business groups have facilitated our entry into our respective areas of operation. 

GazMin is offering assistance to African nations in an effort to boost GDP growth, generate employment opportunities, reduce economic inequality, and foster the development of downstream industries. Exporting the products of these companies will increase a nation's foreign exchange reserves, reduce import-related inflation, and increase the value of its natural resources. The company's integrity and motivation, along with its strong support network, propel it forward and foster dynamic connections with significant firms and governments in other nations. Mr. Ashok Sagar, a gregarious, friendly, and perceptive individual, frequently travels with his team to comprehensively explore the most promising opportunities for projects and products. He is dedicated to safeguarding the interests of all involved parties and diligently seeks out alternative solutions that benefit his valued counterparts. His comprehensive background and enormous expertise is his biggest asset, which is rooted in his venturesome and entrepreneurial mentality, leading to his great success.

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Mohit Sagar


Mohit Sagar had done his Bachelor of Arts with Honors in International Business from Middlesex University, Dubai. He is highly talented, ambitious, credible, and exhibits excellent work ethics among his many traits. At GazMin International, his role as the group CEO & MD and the person in charge of Gazmin Project Development Consultant LLC, Gazmin International Project Management Services LLC, GazMin International Oil and Minerals Trading LLC FZ, GazMin Motors LLC, and GazMin Medipharma FZ-LLC has evolved tremendously. He has been an essential contributor to the achievement of the executive management's long-term strategic view on projects spanning the African and Asian Sub-Continent as well as other regions. He continually strives to deliver beyond expectations.



“ We measure our performance not by temporary results but by the long-term success of our clients ”

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Ms. Anandi Sagar


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Ms. Sanam Sagar


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Executive Project



Senior Strategy



Project Consultant South African Region


Project Consultant West

African Region


Senior Strategy



Senior Mining

Project Consultant


Project Consultant

Mena Region

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Senior Healthcare Project Consultant


Senior Finance



Mr Charlie Yan

Project Coordinator and


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Legal  Consultant

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Business Development 


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