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Zeinab Esmail

Business Development Manager 

Zeinab Esmail an architect and urban designer who holds an M.Sc. in Architecture and Urban Design and have over five years of experience in various projects across Dubai, Hungary, and Syria. My expertise lies in urban planning and designing complex buildings, including offices, malls, residential buildings, and villas, at various scales, both locally and internationally.

From my experiences in the design department of engineering consulting companies in Dubai and Hungary, I managed many administrative and design matters at the same time, dealing with clients, taking ideas and converting them to projects, following up on the design stages with the client, cooperating with the design team with engineers and drafters. Working in various locations has given me expertise in quick development and strong integration by contributing to the production process, and comprehending work environments and requirements, my design duties demonstrate my aptitude for management and leadership as well as my enthusiasm for enhancing the workplace culture.

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