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GazMin International is a prominent firm specializing in project financial advisory and management. We are headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Over the past two decades, our organization has been offering unmatched, cutting-edge, and strategic advice in fields of construction and funding infrastructure projects, collaborating with government agencies, and the private sector. We aim to provide our clients with a comprehensive turnkey solution for project development, enabling the client to accomplish its objective of independently owning an economically viable and feasible infrastructure project without the need for third-party involvement. We can and will assist in formulating a comprehensive financial strategy while also considering the country's balance of payment obligations in a manner that safeguards the country's credit rating and avoids imposing any financial strain on the country’s economy. Enhancing the country's economy involves several benefits, such as boosting GDP growth, generating employment opportunities, reducing income inequality, encouraging the expansion of related industries, increasing foreign exchange reserves, mitigating inflation caused by imports, and delivering enhanced value.


Gazmin International, a world-class project management company, offers a comprehensive range of services for project development that covers various aspects including Project Finance advising and fund raising, Project Development and Management, Project Tracking and Monitoring, Marketing feasibility, Risk Management, Legal advisory, and drafting legally sound documents to safeguard clients from financial losses and legal complications. With Our expertise and experience in these areas, Gazmin International is equipped to handle complex projects and help clients achieve their goals.


Our team of highly skilled professionals possesses unrivaled knowledge and experience in delivering innovative solutions that meet the demands of modern infrastructure development. Further our team of experts analyzes market trends, identifies potential risks, and recommends innovative solutions to ensure successful project outcomes. When it comes to Strategic Project & Finance Advisory, Gazmin International provides valuable insights and guidance to clients in developing effective strategies for project planning and execution. Our team of experts analyzes market trends, identifies potential risks, and recommends innovative solutions to ensure successful project outcomes.


In addition, Gazmin International excels in Advising on Fund Raising. We assist clients in identifying suitable funding sources, preparing compelling investment proposals, and connecting them with potential investors. By leveraging their extensive network of financial institutions and investors worldwide, We facilitate the fundraising process for their clients. Furthermore, Gazmin International specializes in risk management. We understand that every project involves inherent risks that need to be identified and managed effectively. Through meticulous risk assessment and analysis techniques, we develop customized risk management strategies that mitigate potential threats and enhance project success.



We partner with internationally-known and highly reputable construction companies and engineering procurement construction companies. These firms are either state-owned, majors or listed on the Fortune list, and they have extensive experience. This ensures that our assigned projects are executed and completed successfully. We are selecting well-known and skilled financial institutions to handle our projects. These institutions will be in charge of project finance, investment consulting, and project finance insurance advisory groups. We work with investment banks, hedge funds, EXIMs, debt financiers, and other well-known financial institutions and platforms that help fund projects.


We are diligently select highly reputable international law firms to draft finance-related agreements, including payment reimbursement, project execution, and all other finance-related agreements. The purpose is to ensure the safe execution of the project and prevent any legal complications that could disrupt its completion. Acts of corruption and bribery are progressively being criminalized worldwide, with stringent penalties imposed for violating these laws. We strictly abstain from engaging in any sort of bribery or corruption. Our policy is to guarantee adherence to all legal statutes, regulations, and norms concerning bribery and corruption in any country where we operate. Any instance of suspected bribery or corruption would be addressed with utmost seriousness during the execution of projects.


We also work with renowned audit firms to monitor and maintain accounts in order to prevent any misconduct. Our firm manages the execution process, which includes overseeing operations and management, performing due diligence, engaging consultants, and providing negotiating support. We accept payment in the local currency and manage the risk of inflation and currency devaluation by hedging and making payments in USD to our investors. We also take measures to reduce risks in cross-border transactions. With a commitment to excellence and a track record of delivering result-driven solutions across various industries and sectors globally, Gazmin International stands out as a trusted partner for organizations seeking top-notch project management services.


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