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Michael Delport

Senior Mining Project Consultant

Third generation in the African mining and minerals industry with a passion for technological innovation and integration into business processes to drive operational efficiency and value creation. Has been responsible for ERP and mining systems implementations, as well as program and project management for various blue chip mining and mineral trade operations. He was responsible for making a significant contribution to shaping how information technology efficiently serves the operational/mining side of the business. He is a seasoned professional who has been involved in all aspects of the industry from conceptual studies and feasibilities to design, construction, and operations. Mr. Delport has a background in Information and Communication Technology and founded 2-successfull tech startups in southern Africa in his early 20’s before venturing into the global commodity trade arena which has been his focus for the past 15 years. Mr. Delport at age 24 was cofounder of the first company in the history of Botswana (a landlocked nation) to export coal to international markets, in bulk, via rail, out of South Africa and Mozambique ports. Mr. Delport has subsequently been a director of various mineral exploration, mining and commodity trade entities across Africa. Mr. Delport has participated directly as an owner and \ or operator at every stage of the mineral value chain including upstream (large scale formal mining operations as well as sourcing from the informal sector or artisanal miners on an ethical basis with a focus on community upliftment and sustainable development) and downstream trade and export, beneficiation plant operations to increase mineral concentration and value per ton prior to export, warehousing, distribution, logistics etc. Always with a focus on enabling trade as the first priority, transporting and transforming commodities across different African countries and combining output from different sources, blending materials if necessary to achieve certain qualities or concentrations required per contract. Working directly with or as a supplier to key points of transformation such as smelters, refineries and cutting and polishing operations.

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