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Project Consultant South African Region

Mr. Ahmed Sibda was the former Vice President of the World Trade Centre heading up Sub Sahara African Regions. His key function was to address the globalisation issues facing by African countries and linked them with a inter and transcontinental trading platform by using a trusted international brand. A special business case study was undertaken by him for this purpose and a system was developed by Mr. Ahmed Sibda which linked up all the World Trade Centre’s globally. It proved to be highly successful. Beyond trade, there was a dire need to address for the more serious issues in Africa in the private and public sector. He had identified those opportunities and embarked on them in an international roadshow. In 2012 Mr. Sibda established a consulting company which engages with more than 21 governments in Africa. He consulted multi-national companies also for seeking opportunities on the African Continent and Southern African Indian Ocean Islands in Energy, Housing, Infrastructure, Health, Education, Oil and Gas, Mining, Agriculture and commodity trading of mineral commodities. His understanding of African business culture is his strongest asset taking into account the numerous language barriers and discrete style of business on the continent. He has successfully concluded major mergers and acquisitions in the private and public sectors and facilitated the Foreign Direct Investments across various sectors of industry in Africa. Mr. Sibda is extremely passionate about his social responsibilities. His key vision and missions are to provide sustainable solutions to government of Africa and improve the quality of life and socio-economic conditions of his African citizens.

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