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Dr. Oscar Kashala

Project Consultant West African Region

Dr. Oscar Kashala is President of the Union for the Rebuilding of Congo. He is graduated from Kinshasa University Medical School in 1980 and trained in internal medicine and pathology at the University of Kinshasa, then at the University of Lausanne and University of Geneva Medical Schools. In 1986, the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa awarded him a fellowship for medical oncology in Boston. There, he obtained a fellowship in cancer biology at Harvard University, followed by admission into a doctoral program in cancer biology and immunology in a combined degree program at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Kashala received a Doctor of Science degree from Harvard in 1992. He is an internationally recognized cancer specialist who has worked in the pharmaceutical industry, where he currently holds a senior position. He is also a faculty member at several universities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the U.S. The recipient of many international and national awards. He has served in an advisory capacity to several international institutions, including the World Health Organization.

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