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Project Consultant Mena Region

Dr. Mahdy El Refaey has a Doctorate in Business Administration from Colorado, USA, Master’s degree in Marketing from New Jersey, USA, Developing Marketing Strategy from Mark Institute, Egypt, Diploma in Marketing from International British Institute, Bachelor in Languages &Translation from Al-Azhar university Egypt. He has around 30 years of experience in the Gulf Region, Egypt, USA and African countries and works as an Economic Consultant, Business Developer Manager, Legal Consultant. He has wide-ranging experience and specialization in Marketing Feasibility on Growth Strategy, Marketing and Operational Improvement, Preparing Feasibility (Marketing) Study, Issuing Governmental Loans for Saudi Investors, Issuing International Funds for Investing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Work to achieve Return on Investment, Analysis of Businesses and Determination of their Strengths and Weaknesses,Analyze and Forecast Marketing Activities, Achieve Work Flow, Work Simplification, Work Alignment & Work Quality, Determining the Marketing Budget for Advertisement Activities, Achieve the Main Objectives of Business, Achieve the Maximum Percentage of the Market Share, Setting the Business’ Annual Targets & Monitor the Performance, Develop & Implement the Marketing Plan.

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