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Marai Al Ahmari

Executive Managing Director

Marai Al Ahmari is a renowned Businessman from Saudi Arabia and has been a key contributor to the Construction sector with prestigious and landmark projects and has contributed significantly to the development in the Gulf Region.

Marei has duly earned domestic and regional recognition by continually expanding the sphere of his business activities. He has interests in fields as diversified as general trading; real estate, including building, trading, asset management, urban planning consulting, civil engineering, and major development projects; finance, hospitality, industry production, including foodstuffs and building materials.

He is a significant investor and shareholder in various companies around the Gulf and plays a key role in targeting opportunities for equity investment, mergers, acquisitions as well as potential businesses. Among his most notable achievements in this regard, was overcoming the limitations of both investment opportunities and financial resources and succeeding through hard work and abidance by ethics and religious principles in becoming a sturdy businessman. Mr. Marei’s credibility stems from a sincere and strong belief in transparency and disclosure, accountability, justice, fairness, and social responsibility

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